Oldest Continuing Garage Interiors Brand in North America; Slide-Lok Marks 22-Years in Business

  High quality, long-lasting garage interiors, including: garage cabinets, garage flooring, closet systems and home organization products

  Phoenix, AZ – October 8, 2009 – Slide-Lok, an industry leader in the fast-growing garage and home organization market, announced today that it has completed 22 years in business, making it the oldest and longest continuing garage interiors brand in North America. Though many businesses have been hit hard by economic times, Slide-Lok has managed to emerge, based on both its durable, cutting-edge, high-quality product line-up and its commitment to customer service.

“More than ever, especially during these challenging economic times, dealers and homeowners alike want a name they can trust,” states Brian Strayer, President of Slide-Lok. “It really comes down to customer choice and reliability. We provide a wide array of options from garage cabinets to garage floors to overhead storage and Slat-Wall, suiting whatever one’s organizational needs may be. In addition, our North American-wide dealer network of experienced professionals ensures that all of our customers get the service they demand and deserve from the minute they make contact with us.”

Slide-Lok garage cabinets, overhead storage, Slat-Wall and floor coatings add up to the perfect garage interior or home storage solution for any room in one’s home. With Slide-Lok’s broad portfolio of garage interiors related products and options, a once-cluttered space will become an organized dream.

“Our vision for starting the business stemmed from realizing that people would take old kitchen cabinets when they remodeled and hang them in their garages,” Strayer notes. “Now, 22 years later, we realize that designs have changed, the business has developed and customers are truly looking for that unique customized approach when organizing. We are continuously working on new product lines that will provide even more options for our customers.”

When one first decides to engage with Side-Lok, he or she will notice that the company has a vast network of dealers throughout the United States and Canada that provide a full-service, one-stop-shop experience. This network of professionals works with the customer, taking them through the whole design, selection, buying and installation process. For those looking to save money or preferring to do it themselves, Slide-Lok interiors are easy to assemble and install because of the patented Dovetail assembly system that allows all components to come together without force or effort. For those who are not into self-assembly, an authorized Slide-Lok garage dealer will provide full service installation.

A few of the features that truly distinguish Side-Lok from its competitors include: plywood cabinets (instead of particle board) which provide a stronger, long-lasting construction; a custom look with clean lines; and the ability to configure the modular cabinets to fit a wide array of needs.

Strayer concludes, “This has definitely been a solid 22 years. We look forward to servicing our customers for at least 22 more and will continue to provide best-in-class service, quality products and installation and attention to detail.”

For more information on Slide-Lok’s garage cabinets, garage floor coating systems, garage storage products or closet systems, contact Slide-Lok at 800-835-1759, or visit them on the web at

About Slide-Lok:

Slide-Lok is an industry leader in the fast-growing garage and overall home organization market with over 22 years in business across North America, producing high-quality, durable cabinetry and Slat-Wall storage systems. Slide-Lok’s garage cabinets utilize a patented dovetail design, plywood construction, adjustable 6-way hinges, and Thermofuse doors, making Slide-Lok the quality leader. Slide-Lok’s garage floor coatings features a one-day, all-weather install and are 4x stronger than epoxy. Slide-Lok’s closet line features dovetail construction, fast order-to-install time, and the quality and esthetics consumers have come to expect from Slide-Lok. Slide-Lok's garage cabinets have been featured on and recognized as “green-friendly.”

Slide-Lok’s dealer network includes more than 150 dealers across the United States and Canada.

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